The Process of Land Subdivision

Are you looking to subdivide your land for development or other purposes, here is the process that you will be required to follow:


Submit a subdivision application to the authority, in this can the Western Australia Planning Commission (WAPC) or local Council

Before you apply for subdivision, you need to have conducted a title search and obtained a plan diagram or sketch of the land which need to be subdivided. These are the documents you will use for the initial discussion with a land surveyor. Ensure you are using a licensed surveyor. This is the person who will prepare the plan for the council to certify as well as liaise with them to ensure all the requirements are met. We do all this work!


WAPC will refer the application to the various agents within the jurisdiction. The agents may include water department, power, department of health, Environment Protection Authority among others. The agencies are supposed to make the appropriate recommendations. They may recommend conditions which should be met before the subdivision is approved.


After considering the comments from the agencies, WAPC will determine the application and approve it, if there are no objections. A conditional approval will be issued where the applicant has to meet the conditions before the full approval. In an event the application is refused by the WAPC or the applicant is not satisfied with the conditions given one can resubmit for reconsideration within twenty eight days or appeal to the tribunal within thirty days.

Meet the stipulated conditions and seek clearance.

The applicant need to organize the appropriate works needed to meet the condition in the preliminary approval. We do all this work!

Once this has been satisfactorily done, clearance can be sought. The clearances sought through submission of an application. The application will be checked to ensure that the conditions set have been met. If satisfied the authority will issue a clearance letter. At this time, the applicant can apply for endorsement of the Deposited/strata plan.

On approval by WAPC the applicant need to lodge the endorsed Deposited plan at the land title office of the Landgate to get new titles.


The information on this blog is not meant to substitute professional advice, it is only for guidance. We highly recommend that professional advice and assistance be sought.

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