TAQWA For Land Subdivision is an Australian registered firm offering Land Subdivision Engineering services and Project Management. The company was originally known as Glamorous Development Pty Ltd but since changed its name to reflect its new and vibrant approach to projects.

TAQWA aims at providing a professional service based at comparatively excellent rates. If you have a subdivision you want undertaken, engineering services or projects which need to be developed. We invite you to ask for a get a free no obligation quotation. We will provide you the quote within a reasonably short period to help make the decision.

An excellent development opportunity can be located anytime and anywhere, all it takes is due diligence, doing everything in the right manner and commitment. We are here to ensure that this is realized, on time and cost effectively. We have what it takes, our experience and a thorough understanding of the Western Australia systems gives us an edge

TAQWA specializes in: Land Subdivisions, Strata Subdivision, Engineering services, cost and scheme, engineering project management.


The company was founded by Dr Mahmoud A. Elhirbawy (Ph.D Eng). Dr Mahmoud is an associate professor with a long experience in teaching and consultancy work. He also serves as the company director since 2002.


We provide our customers with all the necessary information , clearly explaining what it entail to carry out a subdivision or any other services that we offer, we give all the options available and advice according on the best choice to undertake, all geared towards reducing the cost for the customers.


TAQWA has a team of highly trained and experience professionals, both on fulltime, part time, and freelancer basis. The team is lead by a project manager who has 18 years experience of building construction. Other members of the team include: Senior Architectural engineer, Geotechnical Structure Engineer, Builder, Accountant, Bookkeeper, surveyor among others who are hired on a need basis/ contract. The company also hires a team of highly experienced freelancers to help on various projects.


TAQWA Holdings has a rich engineering background, the director Dr Mahmoud has a doctorate in Engineering and also teaches the same at the university. He has worked on a number of engineering projects and consultancies. He has researched widely on the area and has several publications in Engineering and other related subjects. The team also relies on the freelance services of highly qualified professionals with engineering qualifications. Your engineering and construction projects will benefit from the rich background possessed by the company.


For more than seventeen years, TAQWA has been offering an array of services to its customers. The company has a team of experts, bringing a rich experience in land subdivision, engineering services, project management and real estate. The company also relies on freelance services, selecting the best experts in different field. This helps the company to provide the clients with best services.


With more than fifty projects, both large and small, we have delivered quality and satisfactory work to our clients. With some of the clients being repeat, we believe in dedication and commitment in what we do, ensuring that we exceed the expectations.

Among the projects that the firm engages in include: including residential projects, commercial projects and industrial projects, project management and land sub-divisions







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