TAQWA Undertaking a New Big Project at Toodyay


With the demand for houses increasing, developers are looking for new ways through which to meet the need. At the heart of this all are the development and construction companies which are supposed to deliver the project on time and in the required quality. TAQWA for Land Subdivision specialized in Land Subdivision Engineering services and Project Management is undertaking a new big project at Toodyay.

Toodyay is a town located approximately eighty five kilometers North Eastern Perth. A place which has been described as having endless space and serenity located next to Avon River and areas which provide spectacular views, offering serenity and great picturesque. The new area has an approved 198 lots subdivision by Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC)

To undertake the project, the firm has hired freelancers services to perform various jobs. The freelancers include: surveyors, architectural engineers, structural engineers, builders. This is line with the company policy to hire a project team based on the need. Being a large project, the company will need a project manager to carry out the project management activities. On this, the TAQWA will utilize the services of its full time senior project manager.

TAQWA has a long experience of undertaking similar projects, having successfully completed more than fifty small and large projects since its inception in 2002. These projects span around several areas including residential, commercial and industrial projects. The company starts the implementation of this project on a strong note, where it has gained prominently from the able leadership and guidance of the Director Dr. Mahmoud A. Elhirbawy.

Dr Mahmoud has a long experience in consultancy works and teaching at the university level. He is also a registered real estate agent.

Toodyay project will give families and individuals a chance to own home in a fast growing area. The area is well served by all the necessary amenities; there are schools, hospitals, markets, petrol stations and shopping malls within a small radius. Specifically the project is a walking distance from Toodyay High School as well as a short walk over the river as well as to cafes, pubs and supermarkets that serve the area.

The secure finished brand new homes which come with a home and land package will be ready within one year. Toodyay has been described as a great place where people who are looking for a property can purchase. The area has great opportunities of employment as well as access to schools as well as public transport. It has been described as an ideal place where people who are looking for serenity can relocate.

The project location is also very close to wildlife parks, places where people can relax and watch a variety of game parks without having to travel long distances. Its closeness to River Avon has also been described as an advantage as the river is a great source of water as well as serving in controlling the localized climate. The river also provides a great destination for sports activities such as boat riding.

There is also proposed a proposed new recreation center which will be build adjacent 100 to 200 meters from the project. The recreation centre is proposed to have a football, cricket and soccer fields, pitches, ball courts, club rooms, change rooms and amenities.

TAQWA also announces that the houses in Toodyay will be available for sale soon. People who are interested in buying property in this area are informed that they will be selling the houses from a price of $385,000 (completed House).

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